Merry Kristkindlmarkt

As the slate grey skies and chilly temperatures of mid December threaten to overwhelm, good food, warm drinks, and bright lights are there to keep us going. Christmas has arrived, and with it comes the German Christmas Markets. The shopping and eating pleasures of the traditional German Kristkindlmarkt have arrived in Japan. Christmas markets have […]

Gentlemen Prefer Belgians

Last weeks release of Getsumengaho got me thinking about Belgian Beer. Yo-Ho classified their beer as a Belgian Pale Ale, but what does that mean? The term Pale Ale came about in the early 1700s to denote beer made with malt that had been dried in a coke fired oven rather than over a wood […]

The Many Faces of the Moon and Yo-Ho Brewing

Yo-Ho Brewing is at it again. Just a few weeks after their Lawson convenience store collaboration Boku Biiru Kimi Biiru they have released Getsumen-gaho (月面画報). This one is a collaboration with,and is available only from the online retailer in eight or  twenty-four packs. The eight cans is a shade under 3,000 yen while the […]