The Best Part of Homebrewing

The hardest part about homebrewing is the waiting. Once your brew day is over you have to wait through the fermentation, dry hopping, and then carbonating and aging in the bottle before it is ready to drink. Even though I have been back in the US for a while now, the two beers we have […]

The Soul of Wit

In anticipation of summer my compatriots and I decided to brew a Belgian Wit  beer. With their light body and refreshing spicy flavors, witbier are perfect afternoon patio beers. We brewed last Saturday, doing a mini-mash with extract. This means that we “mashed” about half the grains, steeping them in hot water to break down […]

A Bit of Blood, Plenty of Sweat, but no Tears: Brewing My First Lager

I had a lot of fun brewing my German weizen this past fall, and decided I wanted to try and squeeze in another beer. The weather was getting progressively cooler and another ale wasn’t really an option, so I investigated lager styles. Lagers are a bit more finicky and complex to brew due to the […]

Homemade Hefeweizen and Other Stories

Homebrewing in Japan is an adventure. It requires working around a lot of limitations and a certain level of discretion. Brewing beer for home consumption in Japan is legal, and there are companies here that sell brewing supplies and that is perfectly legal as well. So why does all this sound like it is leading […]